What's your opinion on guns? Just curious, you're an amazing mom :)


guns need to be removed from the system, completely. i don’t care if i lose followers over this, i’m not sacrificing the safety of my son and myself for someone’s pride.

my ex is very gun-happy and if you look at his facebook, his entire wall is just guns and memes about the second amendment. this terrifies me because he has a history of violence with other people, including myself and oliver. he has literally told me that i’m going to die by him shooting me and then he would turn the gun on himself, and you know what? there is no doubt in my mind that is how i will die. it should speak volumes that i already know the cause of my death will be by my ex shooting me.

  • Guns increase the probability of death in incidents of domestic violence. 1
  • Firearms were used to kill more than two-thirds of spouse and ex-spouse homicide victims between 1990 and 2005. 2
  • Domestic violence assaults involving a firearm are 12 times more likely to result in death than those involving other weapons or bodily force.3
  • Abused women are five times more likely to be killed by their abuser if the abuser owns a firearm. 4
  • A recent survey of female domestic violence shelter residents in California found that more than one third (36.7%) reported having been threatened or harmed with a firearm. 5 In nearly two thirds (64.5%) of the households that contained a firearm, the intimate partner had used the firearm against the victim, usually threatening to shoot or kill the victim. 6
  • Laws that prohibit the purchase of a firearm by a person subject to a domestic violence restraining order are associated with a reduction in the number of intimate partner homicides. 7
  • Between 1990 and 2005, individuals killed by current dating partners made up almost half of all spouse and current dating partner homicides. 8
  • A study of applicants for domestic violence restraining orders in Los Angeles found that the most common relationship between the victim and abuser was a dating relationship, and applications for protective orders were more likely to mention firearms when the parties had not lived together and were not married. 9

in contrast, i’ll take a look at the statistics for gun’s supposed purpose, self-defense. in 2010, there were 230 instances where guns were used in self-defense that resulted in fatalities.

230 the entire year. there are estimated to be 1.5 million victims and survivors each year, and as you can see from the statistics, instances where guns are used to kill IN THIS SITUATION ALONE is more than 230.

if you honestly think your right to bear arms is more important than people’s safety, you need to check your priorities.